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Our company will assemble, organize, and verify all information received from outside anonymous sources involving incidences of criminal activity, such as: bank fraud, credit card fraud, identity thefts, child pornography, prostitution, rape, murder, corporate embezzlement, elderly embezzlement and fraud, and civil rights violations, public corruption, and unresolved labor grievances. All information will be sorted and handled through each departments for analyses. If a government agency or private citizen requests consultation advice from the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) www.federalinvestigationbureau.com to assist them with their situation, direct problem resolution may be assessed various fees. Consultation fees and service fees available upon request if the services of a private investigator is requested or if a specific report is requested by a government or law enforcement agency. The primary function of the FIB is to collect information about national and international crimes regarding corporations, or individuals; and to assess that information and create intelligence reports; and to advise law enforcement and government agencies of potential risks. We will work as an administrative liaison to foreign governments when necessary. After complex analyses and handling of any anonymous information determined reliable, the verified information and pertinent facts will be distributed by report to the appropriate government or law enforcement agencies such as, the U.S. Department of Justice (http://www.doj.gov)or the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI(http://www.fbi.gov).


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